Melrose Primary School is a non-denominational school situated in the Scottish Borders serving the town of Melrose, surrounding villages and rural areas. It is part of a Learning Community of eight schools in the Earlston High School catchment area, and almost all children from Melrose transfer to Earlston for secondary education.
The school consists of two buildings. The head teacher’s office, a depute head teacher’s office, the school office, the Nursery, gym hall/dining area, support for learning room, the library, one large general purpose room (audiovisual room) and the P1- 4 classrooms are located in the main building (the new school building). The P5 -7 classrooms, a depute head teacher’s office, computer suite and a general purpose space, the ‘Big Space’, are located in the Annexe building (the original Grammar School building).
The children are grouped in classes from Primary One (P1) to Primary Seven (P7). There are thirteen classes in school with a total roll of approximately 320. Classes are organised in single year or composite groups. Straight year groups do not exceed twenty five pupils in P1, thirty pupils in P2 and P3 and thirty-three in P4-7. Composite groups do not exceed 25 pupils.
The school Nursery caters for up to sixty 3 and 4 year old children in two groups of 30 (morning and afternoon).

School Handbook
The School Handbook is written as a source of reference for all parents/carers, children and anyone with an association with the school. It gives information on the philosophy that lies behind our work with children, answers questions about the school curriculum and gives details of the day-to-day running of our primary school. The nursery also has its own ‘Information for Parents’ handbook. You can download both these documents on our Resources page.