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Headteacher's Welcome

Welcome to the web site of Melrose Primary School. Melrose Primary School is situated in the heart of the Scottish Borders within the historic town of Melrose.
We aim to provide a strong foundation for every child's future, equipping them with life skills and a joy for learning.  Central to our aims is the development of creative thinkers, problem solvers and children who know how to learn in an environment of mutual respect, enthusiasm and commitment.
We are an ambitious school and believe in success for all and strive to fulfil our vision statement ‘to be the best we can be’. The best way to understand fully the ethos and atmosphere at Melrose Primary School is to experience it for yourself and we invite you to visit us.


01-06-2020: HOLIDAY

Start Time: 01-06-2020

End Time: All Day Event

03-06-2020: Sports Day

Start Time: 03-06-2020

End Time: All Day Event

09-06-2020: Reserve Sports Day (if 3/6/20 cancelled)

Start Time: 09-06-2020

End Time: All Day Event

10-06-2020: P7 Familiarisation Visits to Earlston High School

Start Time: 10-06-2020

End Time: All Day Event

13-06-2020: Melrose Festival Week

Start Time: 13-06-2020

End Time: All Day Event